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Software Development Engineer - VoIP / Cloud Telephony / Contact Centre

MBR Partners
MBR Partners

Our client has been creating pioneering telephony technology for various industries for almost two decades. The company has grown by increasing output and enhancing sales internally during this period and is eager to speed up this growth by providing cutting-edge and user friendly UCaaS and VoIP / cloud telephony solutions that are diverse and flexible. The company’s objective is to reach the small and medium-sized enterprises and the sector that is handled by the channel partners.
Current spectrum of products are: on-premise PBX, AWS-based PBX, WebRTC. Some of the upcoming ones are: support for MS Teams, CRM, PCI compliance, call-recording. The company works mainly in JavaScript, but you will have the opportunity to delve into and benefit from the latest programming languages, frameworks, technologies, tools and coding systems.
This is a full time role and it requires a Hybrid (Remote + Head Office) working arrangement around London.
The Opportunity
Software Development Engineer – VoIP / Cloud Telephony and Contact Centre will join the company`s engineering team.
- Help with development and designing of new products and services in the up-front design and in their critical assessment
- Work with leading 3rd party players in the contact centre environment to upgrade their technology in the company`s platforms (speech analytics, call recording, AI, chat/IM, TTS, reporting & analytics)
- Help support team in resolving issues by troubleshooting on difficult technical matters.
Ideal candidate is extremely flexible, can easily learn new languages and technologies, pick the correct tool for the task, establish the correct balance between programming complexity and being punctual in delivery; and between perfectionism and practicality. You will have the opportunity to deal with every part of the company products.
Everyone helps each other out and cooperates in a friendly and warm manner while working in a very technical atmosphere at the company. The company culture promotes socialising in a close knit setting.
It is important for the candidate to know Node.js, Javascript, Linux and also working in a start-up company very well. You must have love for technology and be eager to learn. The recruitment process will include online interview, test for programming and face to face interview to gauge your technical background. Candidates who pass this phase will have a chance to meet the high level executives of the company to understand what feeds you in and outside of work.
• Assist the company development team elevate their VoIP products – with UCaaS and contact centre technologies
• Develop solutions using next generation cloud and virtualization technologies
• Integrate pioneering 3rd party solutions such as Speech Recognition and AI.
• Work in a diverse technical environment – Linux, JavaScript, Node.JS etc. Lead or assist with design and development of new products and services, both in the up-front design and in their critical ppraisal during their development:o Provide design help and lead to others o Give time projection for projects pertaining to your backgroundo Studiously take the initiative to start the design and development processo Join the design reviewso Contribute to the project management of your own development work
• Assist in managing and bettering the team's development environment while contributing to the maintanance and development of tools and systems used in the team.
• Be up to date with the latest developments and try to motivate the team to move higher.
• Solve customers’ issue by troubleshooting complex technical matters
• Help your colleagues in your team with your background and experiences
• Give out-of-hours second- or third-line help of customers from time to time
Required Qualifications

Substantial experience in a similar role
A solid degree in a numerate discipline: in Physics, Engineering, Computer Science, Maths, or equivalent work experience
Excellent academic results in technical subjects
Software design knowledge to perfect the user experience.

Personal Attributes
? Problem solving skills (experience in a small, fast changing start-up company)
? High intelligence – swift understanding of technical details, main problems and expecting issues
? High flexibility and can do attitude – dealing with matters sensibly and realistically
? Consciousness in business – know the affects to the field of engineering matters
? Direct forward and capable – interact in a straight forward way with the goal to achieve results.
? Business minded, motivated, analytical thinker and be able to think outside the box to create positive changes.
Technical Skills
• JavaScript – both client-side and Node.JS• Linux• HTML / CSS• PostgreSQL• GIT• Development using Cloud platforms – e.g., AWS, Azure, Google• Virtual Machine concepts• Knowledge of VoIP (SIP and WebRTC)• Scripting (Bash, Perl & Python)
• Relational databases - familiarity with common design and optimisation• Knowledge of designing software to optimise the user experience• NoSQL technologies• TypeScript, Full-stack,• Containerisation technologies – Docker, Kubernetes• Understand UCaaS ecosystem (including 3rd party APIs)• Evidence of personal projects – contributions to open source, GitHub account, StackOverflow rating, apps on the App Store/Play Store.• Agile development methodologies• React
Please disregard any references to salary banding on the advert as the candidate will be evaluated on their merit on not necessarily adhere to the salary stated on the job description.

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